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The following USAAF Airmen lost their lives in the Pacific theatre during WWll while serving under the 317th Troop Carrier Group.

Maj. Joseph C. Ford, Lt. Arthur W. Betts, Lt. Eugene D. Bleiler, Lt. Robert H. Cameron, Lt. Stanley D. Campbell, Lt. Clyde J. Chewning, Lt. Henry C. Ellis, Lt. Leonard R. Foster, Lt. Robert J. Kiebler, Lt. Melvin L. Kinney, Lt. William R. Kinzie, Lt. Robert L. Kirkman, Lt. Frank E. Koski, Lt. Arthur H. Maki, Lt. Franklin P. Miller, Lt. David W. St. Jean, Lt. Leonard E. Walker, F/O Robert P. Hutson, S/Sgt. Deloren T. Allen, S/Sgt. Ben A. Korzinski, S/Sgt. Olen R. Porter, S/Sgt. Lawrence E. Turille, S/Sgt. Frank A. Wise, Sgt. Michael E. Anderchak, Sgt. John J. Buderek, Sgt. Keith K. Keown, Sgt. Erwin C. Kieke Jr., Cpl. Carlos I. Aguirre, Cpl. Thomas Cammincotta, Cpl. George E. Cunningham, Cpl. Carl A. Drain, Cpl. J. H. Farrar, Cpl. Everett A. Forslin, Cpl. Dewey Goldsmith, Cpl. Charles I. Griffin, Cpl. Sidney Israel, Cpl. Jerome R. Kelley, Cpl. Patsy D. Roviello, Cpl. Harry N. Smith, Pfc. John A. Bitson, PFC. Ashley T. Johnson

The following Airmen lost their lives in support of the Berlin Airlift when their C-54 crashed out of Celle RAF Station, Germany on July 12, 1949. They were assigned to the 40th TCS of the 317th Troop Carrier Wing.

Robert C. Von Luehrte, Donald J. Leemon, Herbert F. Heinig


The following Airmen perished in the crash of their C-119C (50-127) on 10 Feb 1953 while attempting a GCA landing in a snow squall at Bitberg AB, Germany. They were assigned to the 39th TCS of the 317th Troop Carrier Wing at Rhein Main AB , Germany.

Louis D. Rassi, William J. Patton, James A. Latta Jr.

George B. Weibel Jr., Gerald D. Anderson

Ross N. Richards

A former 40th TCS pilot at Rein-Main and Neubiberg was killed
in the crash of a C-119F just after take off from Sewart AFB, TN.

The crash took place shortly after his return from Germany and assignment to the 316th TCW in 1954.


Frank N. Fulton

A former 40th TCS pilot was killed in the crash of a 464th TCW C-119G when
an engine failed on take off from Pope AFB, NC
in 1954.

Leslie D. Forguson a former 40th TCS pilot , Jay B. Border a former 39th TCS pilot

These airmen were killed in the crash of a 316th TCW C-119F during a flight
through a thunderstorm in Georgia in 1954

The following Airmen died in the midair collision of C-130A (56-0526) with a French fighter over France on Sept. 19, 1958.

Howard Grasher, Elmer Fawcett, Charles Tillou,
Robert W. Hancock, Frank M. Braun, David McGrath


The following 15 crewmen died in the crash of an Evreux C-130A (55-0020) on March 8, 1962 in Alencon, France while on a training mission:

Cecil Williams, Robert L. Conway, Edward J. Vianco, William J. Wilson
Gayle J. O'Grady, James S. Douglass, Stanley C. Hardin, Harold E. Kazee,
Huey Green, Theodore Shedelbower, Stanley E. Royster, Vincent Stantucci,
Alfred J. Knight, James Waples, Lee Taylor

Click here for news report

The following 13 Airmen died in the crash of a C-130A (56-0546)
while on a mission in Africa on May 17, 1962:

Frank Sabol, John W. Stuart, Jr., Douglass G. White, Frank J. Leonard, Thomas P. Revell, Fred D. Fisher,
Jack Hake, Ervin M. Miller, L. Roy Laslow, Richard E. Boyd, Thomas J. Neal, James O. Phillips

Russell D. Jackson (TDY from 463rd CAMS, Sewart AFB, TN)

The following 317TAW Airmen were killed when their Lockbourne based C-130A (56-0515) crashed during an assault take-off from Bitburg, Germany on 12 Dec. 1965

James R. Pecchia, Paul J. Pedranti, Frank A. Gallina, Charles W. McJunkins, Victor Maffucci


Henry M. Drew served with the 317th at Evreux Air Base France. He was killed later while still serving in the Air Force when the C-130E (64-0536) he was a passenger on crashed in to a mountain after take off.  
Taipei, Taiwan Oct. 2, 1970

The following 317TAW Airmen were killed when their Pope AFB based C-130E (68-10936) crashed near Charleston SC after a lightning strike ignited fuel vapors in the main fuel tank on Nov. 30, 1978

Samuel P. Eskew, Mark D. Greer, Daniel K. Morris, Robert H. Canton, Burnie C. Finch ll, Robert H. Van Winkle


The following 40TAS Airmen perished in the crash of C-130E ( 68-10945) . The aircraft was assigned

to the 317TAW at Pope AFB and crashed during a low altitude extraction (LAPES) at Ft. Bragg, NC on 1 July 1987:

Gary C. Bardo
Albert G. Dunse
John B. Keiser III
Timothy J. Matar


The following Airmen perished in the crash of C-130E (64-0501).  The aircraft was assigned to the 317TAW at Pope AFB and crashed in Blewett Falls Lake, NC on 28 April 1992 while conducting Special Operations Low Level (SOLL) training:

Gabriel Magrane, Thomas E. Rowe, Michael E. Jones, John G. Urbansky, Gregg F. Johnston,
Stephen F. Sablone, Michael S. Carpenter, Shelton M. Clark

Mark W. Reynolds (Australian Exchange Officer)


The following Airmen lost their life while serving in Vietnam:

Terry Rehm,39th TCS, Flight Engineer killed in the crash of a C-130B that struck a mountain in Hue Phu Bai on 8 Oct 1967
Sam Deichelmann shot down over Bien Hoa, South Vietnam 06 September 1968  MIA
Robert (Bob) Ireland shot down over Ho Chi Minh Trail 21 April 1970, listed MIA, Remains found 11 Sept 1978
(Bob was a former flight engineer with 41st TCS. He was shot down in a AC130A gunship 54-1625.)
Arthur Grasser died in helicopter crash Gia Dinh, South Vietnam 6 Aug 1969
Ralph J. Lund shot down over Bao Loc South Vietnam 6 Sept 1968
Al Fellows shot down over Ho Chi Minh Trail flying an O-1as, 1968
Tom Mitchell shot down during Blind Bat Mission near Xepon (Tchepone), Laos, 1968

Maj. William L. Brooks shot down over Ho Chi Minh Trail flying an AC-130 Gunship 22 April 1970


William A. Jones III a former 40th TCS pilot was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroic action in Vietnam.

For information regarding his award visit:

Click here for details.
He was killed in the crash of a private plane in 1969. He was assigned to Andrews AFB at the time of his death.


Herbert Waldman, Col.USAF,Ret . Died Jan. 4, 2006 at age 86, his burial was at Arlington National Cemetery.  He was a World War Two C-47 pilot and the first Commander of the 41st Troop Carrier Squadron. He took command of the 41st at age 23 when it was first formed in Feb. of 1942 at Duncan Field, TX.. and continued as Squadron Commander when the 41st was sent to New Guinea in Jan. 1943. Promoted to Major in Sept. 1943 he was assigned to 317th Troop Carrier Group Headquarters. He served 30 years in the Air Force, a number of them were spent at the Pentagon in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.



Tech. Sgt. Joey D. Link, 29, of the 39th Airlift Squadron, Dyess Air Force Base, Texas

TSgt. Link died of natural causes at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany on Aug. 5, 2007

The C-130 Hercules flight engineer was assigned to the 39th Airlift Squadron at Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene, Texas

He was deployed to the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing based at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, at the time of his death.


317th Veterans Group Officers

George Boleck - 2 March 2000
Headed search committee, served as reunion chairman.
From it's earliest beginnings George helped mold and shape the 317th VG.


Nancy Frazier- March 3, 2019

wife of 317th veteran Bob Frazier

Nancy had served on our search committee.

During the early day's of the 317th Veterans Group
she was instrumental in locating many of our members

Donna Register -  December 26, 2018

wife of 317th Veteran Jimmie Register

Donna served as our newsletter publisher for many years.


Don Satterthwaite

March 19, 1937- Oct.8, 2005  Age 68

2001 Seattle, WA -Reunion Chairman
Don's wife "V" Satterthwaite passed away in 2012

Both were loyal members of the 317thVG, and will be missed by all.

Jean Zabukovec

March 6, 2012

Renowned sculpturer who created the Veterans Memorial at Evreux Air Base


Eliane Montouchet
March 20, 2019

Eliane Montouchet worked at the JAG office at Evreux Air Base from the day it opened until the day it closed. 
She was actively involved at every Evreux reunion.


The following are 317th veterans who have passed away since separation from the Air Force

                                                     Entries for 2024 are in bold type

James H. Aderhold
Robert E. Ainslie
Gene Allen
Keith R. Allen
Chuck Allison
Roy L. Allmon
Thomas J. Amendola
David Andeen
James W. Anderson
Mike Anderson
John D. Anthony,Jr
Joseph A. Arpin
Clarence Aruska
Bennie E. Atchison
Steve A. Aubrey
Normand R. Audette
Clint A. Ayers
Dennis E. Aylward
Andrew E. Bacha
Farris O. Bailey
Larry R. Baker

Peter “Pete” G. Bambalis

Wilbur E. Barber
John D.E. Barnett

Hulien G. Barnhill

John Barnas
Ronald Barr
Jack Barrett
Leo Bates
Duane Batista
Theodore C. Bauries
Roland R. Bearden
James L. Beazly
Larry L. Beber
Buford B. Belgard
Leo Belton
Kenneth R. Beers
Chester E. Bennett
Dennis Benorden
Keith Biddix
Clifford A. Biggers
Billie Bird
John W. Bishop
Bernard Blackburn
Robert T. Blanks
Miles V. Blansette
Norm Blaskowski

Lawrence H. Bledsoe

Jim Blessing

Kelvin W. Boddy
Robert O. Boeldt

Robert D. Bollacker

Harold L. Bouge
Henri L. Bowan
Ralph Boyer
Billie B. Boyd, Jr.
Thomas Bradich, Jr
Dean Bradly
David G. Briggs
James R. Brinegar
Buck Brinson
Worthey O. Brisco
Dennis W. Brown
Omer A. Brown
Seymour Brown
Robert W. Browne
Don Browning
Harold W. Brueggemeyer
Hercules C. Bryant
Gene Buford
Forrest E. Burke, Jr.

Louis Burkhead
Hubert C. Burks

John F. Burns

Kenneth Burdett
James Busby
George Byras
David G. Camp
Ralph W. Carboneau
John R. “Jack” Carlson

Paul J.Carr
William R. Case
Jack Cassedy
Clarence R. Casto
Larry Chandler
Kenneth A. Chatfield
Bill Chisholm
Fred W. Chubbuck
Odell Clampitt
Calvin F. Clark
James W. Clark, Jr.
Robert A. Clayborn
Earl F. Clinton
Dale Cochenour
Richard Cole
James B. Collier
Dave R. Collins
Jerry R. Collins
Nelson Colyer
Michael Comarnisky
John Condron
Raymond J. Cone
John M. Connor
Alvin G. Conrow
Robert W. Cook
John R. Cooper
Romeo "Connie" Costantine
Joe I. Cottle
James W. Coulter
Max R. Courington
Ronald Couture
George M. Cowan
Charles F. Cowell,Jr.
Edwin C. Crawford
Douglas Creasey
Robert P. Crow
Don Crowley
Doyle R. Cruse
Russell Curtis
William Dager
William S. Dando
David W. Davenport
Forrest Lee Davis
Ronald C. Dawson
Norman F. Day

B. Don Dean
George H. Dean

George S. DeJohn
Tom Dempsey
Harry S. Dennis, Jr.
Travis A. Dixon
Carl W. Dolvin
Paul W. Doobe
Clifford F. Duncan

Robert M. Dunphy
James (Stump) Dunkelman
William Durlak
Warner Dutro
James Q.
Thomas J. Elliott
Ellwood W. Ellis

Gordon Ellis
Milton L. Engebretson
Richard Erickson
Sidney T. Evans
Adam Fachet
James R. Fairbanks
Luke L. Farmer
Alexander H. Fassbender
Bob Fender
James A. Ferguson
Claude Ferrand
Charles W. Finch
Lawrence Fisackerly

Robert Flewelling
Leonard Gene Foster
William T. Fotheringham
W. Erskine Fraser
Jim Frazier
Rush D. French
Howell D. Fulcher
Maurice "Ike" L. Fuller
Robert Fullman
Oscar Gainey
Harry B. Gardner
John Gardner
Ludwig H. George
Thomas F. George
Richard J. Geriets
Charles E. Germano
Jimmy T. Gilbert
Clarence A. Giles|
John A. Glaros
Charles Glynn
Elmer P. Goetz
Nathan K. Goldsmith

Ralph E. Gorzynski
Clyde C. Gowdy
Edward H. Graalfs

Phil Greenwood
Jesse E. Groover
Paul J. Gulotta
James H. Gunn Jr
Joseph G. Gusky
George A. Gustafson
Herbert G. Haas, Sr
Valentine H. Habel
Kenneth A. Hackett
Carle E. Hadley
Jacques Hahn
Eugene J. Halbeisen
Ernest H. Hamilton
Philip W. Handley

Leo A. Hankins
Donald J. Hanley

Frank Halverson
William Happoldt
Robert "Chuck" Hauser
Nelson E. Havel

Cecil O. Hayes
Lynn M. Hazen
Gordon M. Heath

George E. Heckathorn
Stanley A. Heenan
Arthur Hempen
Raymond A. Hengst
William Hepworth
Delton W. Hill
Jack W. Hill
James Hill
Henry Huckabee
David L. Hoffland
Jack Holdridge

Lester J. Honstetter
James W. Hood
Lonnie C. Hood Jr.
Jerry Hoppman
Jack D. Hoover
Alvin L Howard
Dallas Howell
Clyde W. Huff
Bob Hughes
Dorman A. Hughes
Fred C. Hulsey
John D. Hynes
Charles C. Irions
Donald R. Irving
Peter S. Irving
Daniel B. Janasov
Charles F. Johnson
Kent M. Johnson
Galian R."Bob"Jones
Gerald Jurkowski   
Chester  Kanach
William L. Katnik
Nickolas Katsarelis
Gerald M. Kearse Jr.
Mike Keil
George K. Kelai
Gary G. Kelly
Tommy J. Kelso
Sterling C. Kendall

Gary Kennard
Clifford L. Ketchum
Gary L. Kinkel|

George W. Kinney
Donald R. Kirkendorfer
George J. Kisic
Alvin J. Kissinger
William B. Kittle
Frank Kormos
Richard G. Korthals

Robert A. Kramer
Lauren D. Krinkie

Vincent J. Krobath
Joseph Krolik
Henry Kurth

George B. Kutche

Earl Laird, Jr.
Harry C.Landis
John A. Lane, Jr.
Walter G. Lang
Dean N. Lanier
Robert La Penta
Jack Larmoyeux
Herb Larson
Maynard Larson
Jerry A. Lawson
Gerald Layne

Frank R. Leanza
Walter E. Ledwith
Glenn A. Lee
George Lerner
Edward A. Lessick
Ray E. Lewis
Walter Lieblein
Edgar W. Lindley
Richard E. Linn
James D. Linscott

Ellery L. Litz
Richard P. Loach
Roger Lochry
John B. Longenhagen
Olen H. Loux

Donald R. Lowe
Horst Lucci
Donald L. Lundy
Casper Lunova
Albert P. Lupshevicz
George Lyman

Stanley J. Mack
Jack S. MacVittie
Bill Madgwick
James F. Mahew
Eugene Malinowski
Evard S. Malone
Kenneth Manross
Anthony W. Marchowsky
Vincent J. Marold
Harley B. Marriott
Robert L. Marshall

Charlie Martin
Elmer Martin
Murrell L. Martin
Sidney A. Martin,Jr.
Donald W. Martinson
James P. Martinson
Gerald J. Matarazzo
Donald A. Mathis
Robert L. Mauk
Jerry McAuliffe
Harry J. McBain Jr.
Paul R. McCain
Wilbur H. McCartha
William W. McCarty
Bob McConnell
Leo McConnon
Daniel McClure
Clyde A. McCray
Clarance E. McCrea
Richard T. McDowell

Eldon E. McElroy
Robert D. McKay
Richard McKnight
Billy A. "Mac" McLeod
F. E. "Mac" McNally
James L. McReynolds
James K. McWhorter
George E. Meade
Boyd B. Meixell
Al Miller
Douglas R. Miller
Pete Miller
Edward Miller
John R. Miller
Ted Miller
Terry L.Miller

Donald Menges

Earl Mercer

Ed Merck
Edward A. Merritt
Coburn C. Metcalf
Frank S. Monk
Garry Montague
*Marianne Montgomery
Paul K. Montgomery

Michael P. Moore

John J. Moran

Martin J. Moran
Norman B. Moran
Gene Morris
Lowell "Bud" Morris, Jr.
Roy L. Morrison
Norbert Mueller
Jack Murrian
Larry J. Musselman
Bill Myers
Douglas A. Nave
John T. Nave
Charles J. Nehring
Garland Nelon
Everett R. Newkirk
Art Newman
Varnal E. Nichols
Raymond J. Nile
Robert A. Nitchkey,Sr.
Charles Novak
Victor L. Nunenkamp
Herman A. "Doc" Ogren
Jerry A. Ohlson
William R.Ohrmann
John "Okey" Oklesen
Arthur M. Olson
Hartwell O. Olsen

John N. Oman

Robert L. O'Neal
Harold H. Orvis
Chester Osterman
Hugh Overcash
Robert Padgett
Carl A. Paige
Willis R. Palmer
Robert V. Parker
Robert N. Parsons
Charles "Charlie" Partin
Paul "Patrick" Paulin
Donald P. Payson
Donald L. Payton
Art R. Peele
Eddie Pfingston
Michael F. Pelletier

Donovan W. Penrod
Anthony Perillo

Charles H. Persing
Wolfgang W. Peters
George Peterson
Thomas Petro, Jr.
Edgar (Ed) Piles

Robert N. Pinard
Fred Pilkenton
Edward Politza
Burritt Hollister Pond
Darwin R.
Edward E. Pose
William T. Posey
Robert B. Pratt
Gilbert A. Priestley
Ben Proodian
Allen G. Purvis
Francis Quaranta, Jr.
F. Gerald Randa
Adam A. Reaver
William P. Reaver
Dan Reider
Francis H. Repke
Harold E. Rickabaugh
Doyle C. Riehn
Milo G. Rigel
Wayne H. Riggins
Robert E. Rivet
Freddy W. Rivoire
Donald F. Roark
Jesse J. Robbins
James W. "Jim" Roberts Jr.
James R. "Robbie" Robertson
James H. Robinson
Orville R. Rodgers
Remigio Rodriguez
Alva R. Roe
Jack A. Rohrback
Harold D. Rollman
Malcolm C. Roscover
William B. Ruble
Bobby W. Rushing
Edmund W. Ryms
Richard W. Sallop
Nathaniel (Hank) Saunders,Jr
Richard Scarlett
Sal Scarpace
Richard H. Schmidt
Robert C. Schmidt
Luke Scholtes

Victor Sczepanski
Rudolf Seemann
Herbert P. Seitz
Everett P. Shaw, Jr.
Thomas E. Shaffmaster
Paul D. Shirley
Harry E. Shisler
Fredrick D. Shultz
Gerhard R.Schulz
Chester H. Schwerin
Jack L. Simons
Stanley D. Skalecke
Joseph Skurka
Jessie R. Smart
Jerry Smead
John "Jack" E. Smith
Roy W. Smith
John Solomanchik
Norman Sombs
Marvin C. Sorenson
James R. Southward
Delmer "Del" L. Sparrowe
George R. Speros
Charlie Spicka
John E. Spooner
Harold L. Springer
Asa M. Stackhouse
Larry A. Stafford
Carl "Gene" E. Standley
William J. Stearns
Fredrick Steuer
Howard W. Stewart
Marvin R. Stewart
Roger J. Stewart
Dale H. Stinson

Jerry Stopher

Richard E. Syke
Raymond F. Swaney
Robert B. Swindle
Herman L. Tabler
Jesse A. Tabor
Armand G.Tardiff

Duncan G. Taylor
Jack Tempesta
Roger Tewksbury
Wesley Thibodaux
Albert P. Thomas
Robert C. Thomas

Frederick L. Thompson
William Thomsen
Norman J. Thouvenelle
James S. Todt
Art Toffey

George W. Towle
Bob Townley
Henry Townsend
Chuck Trexler
Wyndham D. Trigg
Theodore Truban
William R.Tubbs
Alan B. Tucker
Marion Tunstall Jr.
Richard Udoff
Robert Ulrich
Charles N. Valentine

Francis R. Van Valkenburg

Ray Vasinda

Alphonso J. Verbout

Jack C. Voelker
Ron Volz

Harrison Waddell
Ross M. Warden

Vernon Wallace

George H. Wasgatt
T. H."Jack" Watkins
Ron Wayne
Charles West
Jack Westervelt

David J. Westphal

Edward A. Whalen
Lewis D. Whipple
James R. Whitaker

Albert L. Wick
Gerald L. Wiley

Ernest E. Wilhelm
Stephen A. Wilhite
Stanley Wilkinson, Jr.
Everett L. Williamson
Robert A. Williams
William A. Williams
Charles L. Wilson
Robert Wirtz
James Lee Winter
James E. Wolf

Floyd Douglas Wood, Sr.
Clyde W. Wooddell

John R. Wright

Ernest O. Yeske
Robert A.

Andrew Young
James H. Young

Kenneth A. Young

Herman J. Zindler,Jr.




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