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The following 15 crewmen died in the crash of an Evreux C-130A (55-0020) on March 8, 1962 in Alencon, France while on a training mission:

Cecil Williams, Robert L. Conway, Edward J. Vianco, William J. Wilson
Gayle J. O'Grady, James S. Douglass, Stanley C. Hardin, Harold E. Kazee,
Huey Green, Theodore Shedelbower, Stanley E. Royster, Vincent Stantucci,
Alfred J. Knight, James Waples, Lee Taylor


A Memorial Ceremony to honor the 15 Airmen lost will be held at the site of the crash

will be held in June 2012. This will mark 50 years since this accident. French and American Air Force Veterans will be in attendance. We are searching for family members of those lost in the crash. If you are a family member or know how to get in touch with a family member please e-mail Jim Timmons at

For information on the ceremony: click here

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Click here to visit Crash Site Memorial

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