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CAMS sign, Evreux AB (circa 1958)
(photo by Tom White)
4 Herks Evreux Flightline 1959
(photo by Frans Carlson)
PE Inspection C119
PE Inspection in the 317th hanger (1959)
(photo by Wolfgang W.Peters, Evreux 1956-1959)
C 119 AC # 602,
which crashed after takeoff on testflight after Post Dock maintenance in a field south of the highway.
(No casualties or even injuries)
(photo by Wolfgang W.Peters, Evreux 1956-1959)
Base movie and line BOQ and 2CV
Base Movie and line (circa 1958-62)
(photo by George Talbert)
BOQ and 2CV (circa 1958-62)
(photo by George Talbert)
George and his plane
George & his Plane -- always broke down in Athens
(circa 1958-62)
(photo by George Talbert)
Ervin Miller, who was one of eight airmen who died in the crash of a C-130 while on a mission in Africa on May 17, 1962.
(photo taken just days before the crash by best friend, Bill Knaps)

Medics from Evreux base hospital relaxing in the barracks (Photo by Robert Whitney)

Whitney is pictured below while on the job at the base hospital during his tour of duty at Evreux 1959-62.


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