317th Veterans Group Pres. Bill Lloyd and Mr. Jean Louis Debre, President of the French Parliament and Mayor of Evreux

Jerry Kuehnel, Bob Hughes and Mike Heilman visit                                 Vets got a chance to reminisce in their old living quarters.

their old barracks.


           French Air Force Honor Guard at the start of the dedication ceremony                            Bill Lloyd opening the Memorial Dedication



317th Vet Bill Stearns and Jean Zabukovec, the                      Major Pendleton, USAF, US Embassy Paris with Bill Stearns

Memorial designer and sculptor.

  Wreaths at the Evreux Air Base American Veterans Memorial           A moment of silence at the memorial; Ruth Grasher, Barbara

                                                                                                                     Howard, Bill and Jean



The US Air Force Cadets at the dedication ceremony.                     Maj.Gen. Jim Pfautz(USAF Ret.) and Maj.Gen. Chuck Wilson

                                                                                                              (USAF Ret.)laying the first wreath at the Memorial.

A wreath from the American veterans of Evreux Air Base.                   Bill Lloyd and Col. Valentin opening the Expostion.

A 1950's vintage Evreux base housing trailer on display                   Uniforms donated by the veterans on exibit

Veterans at the exposition of the base history.                                                     Aerial photo of the base from the 1950's