Lockbourne AFB
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Many thanks to Jerry Kuehnel for his contributions to the Lockbourne page.

Lockbourne Airlift
Chiclayo, Peru
January 1966

Base personnel taking part in the airlift were: Colonel Hopkins, Captains Robert R. Brown, Carl M. Alibee, M. Washofay, Ralph G. Neeley, Barry L. Steigely and Alexander K. Davidson; and First Lieutenants Frederick R. Gentry, Barry M. Alberter, James E. Fine and John E. Boudreaux. Also, TSgt. Tommy R. Dale; Staff Sergeants Richard A. Burgess Jr., Travis A. Dixon, and Leon J. Sutor; Airmen First Class, James R. Brown, James Bradley, John G. Allen, Varnal E. Nichols, John E. Spooner, Donald K. Schopp, Clarence H. Raney Jr.; Airmen Second Class Alfred D. Androsik, Gaston Davias, Lester J. Dillon Jr., G. H. Kuehnel, Raymond E. Betters, Nelson E. McDowell, Tommy L. Mitchell and Sigred W. Walmer Jr. and Airmen Third Class David R. Mayer and Russell McDermott.




                                                                 317th Hospital, Lockbourne AFB, Oh.  (Circ.1969)


Click on the map below to see a detailed map of Lockbourne Air Force Base circa 1960s.

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