History of the 317th
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The 317th began on the 22nd of Feb. 1942 as an Army Air Transport Group at Duncan Field near San Antonio, TX. In July of the same year it was moved to Bowman Field, KY and given the name 317th Troop Carrier Group.

Radio check

Calling for a radio check.


C-47, one of the few based at Evreux.

Its mission was to transport personnel and equipment into combat zones. During WWII the 317th served in the Pacific, operating first out of Australia, then several Pacific Islands, including the Philippines as the war progressed.
The close of the war brought the 317th to Tachikawa, Japan for occupational duty. In 1948 the 317th was reassigned to RAF Station, Celle, Germany where it took part in the Berlin Airlift. After Berlin, it operated out of Rein Main AB and then Neubiberg AB where the 317th participated in many NATO operations.

Main hanger at Evreux AB

Main hanger at Evreux AB.

In 1957 the 317TCW moved to Evreux-Fauville, AB, France. At Evreux the C-119's were replaced with the new C-130A turboprop aircraft. The 317th participated in many humanitarian relief missions as well as United Nations military operations in the Congo, India and elsewhere.

Aircraft overhaul

Aircraft overhaul at Evreux.

In 1964 the 317th transferred to Lockbourne AFB, Ohio and became part of the Tactical Air Command. The 317th continued to support airlift operations in Europe by rotating squadrons from Lockbourne to Evreux until the base was officially turned over to the French Air Force in 1967. At that time the 317th was also providing airlift support for Vietnam operations. In 1971 the 317th was reassigned to Pope AFB, NC where it continued support operations in southeast Asia until the conclusion of the war in Vietnam. Evreux-Fauville AFB

Evreux-Fauville Air Force Base, France at Sunset.


C-130 flyby during 1963 air show at Evreux.

The 317th also took part in the US invasion of Grenada, and the US intervention in Panama, as well as the Gulf War. The 317th was deactivated at Pope AFB on July 16th 1993.
On April 1, 1997 the 317th was resurrected as the 317th Airlift Group at Dyess AFB, TX, where the 317th continues to serve proudly in theaters of operation through out the world.

group aboard C130

(L to R) Jim Timmons, Ben Proodian, and Paul Doobe aboard
C130 in route to Lockbourne when squadron transfers in 1964.


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