2021 Updates to 317th Veterans Group Web Site:

Jan 6:  updated Memorial and Roster pages to 2021 and added 2 to Memorial Page

Jan. 26 updated Abilene 2021 reunion page

Feb. 5  Added 2 names to to the Memorial Page

April 5  Added 2 new members to roster and 1 to the Memorial page
May 24 Added 3 new members and 1 to the Memorial Page. 

May 28 Added 2 names to Memorial Page and updated Abilene reunion page.

June 30 Added 3 names to Memorial Page.

July 26 Added 3 names to Memorial Page

Sept 9 Added 1 name to Memorial Page and 1 name to the Roster

Oct 2 Added H. J. Zindler's photos to the Jungle Skippers Page

Nov. 4  Updated 2021 Abilene reunion page and added name to Memorial page.