Rhein- Main Air Base   Germany

Rhein-Main Air Base Germany 1952  (photos submitted by Robert Flewelling)

When the reserve unit which was recalled to active duty reached Rhein Main  General Eisenhower came down to welcome us to Europe. We were the 1st Air Force unit assigned to NATO  317th TCW Col. Harry Hopp is shown in front of IKE addressing the troops     1951  Robert Flewelling



The 317th based at Rhein Main Air Base, Germany assisted in flood relief operations in Holland after their Great Flood of 1953 

The 317th C-119 Pilots pictured here are (L to R) Fred Chubbuck and Ed Hastings.



Rhein Main Air Base 41st TCS Soft Ball Team

photo submitted by Jack Smith

Recognize anyone? Help us replace those question marks with names.

Back row L to R :  ?, ?, Keebler, ?, ?, Albert Heath

                                  Middle Row: ?, A.S. Sincath, Williams, Grady Robertson, ?, Jack Smith

                                                                                                                                  Front Row: King,(26) Richard S. Udoff, ??, (13) ??,  (16) Harry Schumager





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