Neubiberg Veteran Norman W. Matkin submitted some nice photos of the base.

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This nice looking stein is a keepsake of 39th TCS veteran Bill Peters, who served at Neubiberg Air Base.





(News clipping submitted by Jim Robinson)


Happy Thanksgiving

A 1955 Neubiberg Air Base Thanksgiving Menu

Courtesy of 317th Veteran Jim Eastham of Houston, Texas


C-119 Flown by the 41st TCS at Rhein Main and Neubiburg 1952-54


The C-119 Aircraft of the 41st Troop Carrier Squadron had a Yellow Nose and Tail

(Photos submited by 41st veteran Lewis Ameel)




Jack Smith and his wife Nancy visited Neubiberg in 1997. The photo on the left shows them standing by statue in front of the old base PX. The plaque mounted on the statue base is shown on the right.

Neubiberg Air Base Map ( Submitted by Charles Ennis a 5th Aerial Port Squadron Veteran)