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39th TCS C-47 CleoC during a troop drop operation.

(photo submitted by WWII veteran Othel Wilkins)


3 Jungle Skipper C-47's blown up by Japanese infiltrators at Clark Field 1945

(photo courtesy of Mr. LeGrand Poore U.S. Navy WWII )

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317th Group and Squadron Commanders

(1) 317th TCG                 Col. John Lackey

(2) 41st TCS                  Capt. E. J. Watson

(3) 40th TCS                    Capt. Earl Vintas

(4) 46th TCS         Capt. Kenneth A. Young

(5) 39th TCS              Capt. James G. Tully



317th TCG Headquarters

Clark Field, Spring 1945

Kneeling, LtoR:  1st Lt. Lorenzo R. Arnold, Capt. Mark J. Hodges,Jr., Maj. Robert I. Choate, Capt. Edgar Lowry, Jr.

Standing, L to R: Sgt. John Cunningham, T/Sgt. Harold E. Schooler, S/Sgt. Stanley F. Sarniak, Sgt. Frank W. Aderholdt,

Sgt. Gerald J. Matarazzo, Cpl. Roger J. Stewart, S/Sgt. Haskell R. Simon.



                                                                                                                          Operations Center


                                              Col. John H. Lackey 317th Commander     


Fueling up for the next mission


Jungle Skippers fill the sky