Rededication of the C-47 “CleoC”

In Honor of the 317 TCG

Linear Air Park Dyess AFB, Texas


02 May 2008 – C-47



MC:           (0850) "Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats, as we will begin in a few minutes.  We ask that you please turn off all cell phones/pagers and two-way communications devices or place them on silent mode.  Since today’s event is considered an outdoor ceremony, uniformed military members will salute and civilian guests are invited to place their hand over their heart during the National Anthem.

MC:         (0900)   “Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, I am LT Kris Lamothe, and on behalf of the Commander of the 7th Bomb Wing, Col Day, the 317th Airlift Group Commander, and Colonel Bernard E. Mater.  I would like to welcome you to today's rededication ceremony.  Please stand for the arrival of the official party and remain standing for the singing of our National Anthem by Lieutenant Benjamin Gamble and the Invocation given by Chaplain Effson Bryant.”

MC:         “Honor Guard, Post the Colors.”

(Honor Guard dips the AF flag and then Ernesta Singleton sings the National Anthem.  Once the Honor Guard and Ms Singleton have departed the stage area, then Chaplain Daniel will come up to give the Invocation.)

MC:      "Thank you Ms Singleton and Chaplain Daniel.  Ladies and gentlemen please be seated."

MC:  “I would like to introduce our distinguished guests in attendance with us today:”

The 7th Bomb Wing Commander and his wife, Col and Mrs Ray

The 317th Airlift Group Commander and his wife, Col and Mrs Mater

MC:  “In the spring of 1942 some young men took their new C-47 aircraft and formed an organization that was designated the 317th Troop Carrier Group and were assigned to the Pacific Theatre.  Through the early days of World War Two these men forged the traditions and honors that would be passed down to future generations of airmen.  The current 317th Airlift Group is proud to hold the traditions of these “Jungle Skippers” as the source of our pride and our traditions; we still “Gain by Hazard.”  We are honored today to have some of those young men with us again.  Our desire is that through interaction with the men and women of the current 317th Airlift Group, these heroes World War Two can inspire and hopefully inspire this generation of airmen.

MC:  “Ladies and Gentlemen, the 317th Airlift Group Commander, Colonel Bernard E. Mater.”

(Colonel Mater’s Remarks)

MC: “Ladies and gentleman we are very fortunate to have, as our keynote speaker, Lt Col Richard Korthals, who, as Lt Richard Korthals, flew C-47s with the 317 TCG during those days of WWII and who has graciously consented to share his memories of that time to help us truly honor the men who flew, maintained, and supported this aircraft.”,

              (Korky’s Remorks)

MC: “Col Korthals, your words and presence have made this a truly memorable event, thank you.”

MC: “At this time we would like to ask Mr. Bill Lloyd and Col Ray come forward for the presentation of the dedication plaque”

            Bill Lloyds Remarks and the presentation of the Plaque to Col Ray

            It is my high honor to represent the veterans of the 317th at this ceremony as we honor the pioneers of the 317th, the Jungle Skippers, and dedicate this aircraft and plaque to their service in the 317th Troop Carrier Group.

I would like to welcome the Jungle Skipper veterans that are here today who proudly served in the 39th, 40th, 41st, 46th Troop Carrier and Headquarters Squadrons in WW II with great distinction.  Those that could not attend said they will be with us in spirit.

When they joined the newly formed 317th in 1942 at Duncan Field Texas who would have thought that decades later they would return to Texas to be honored for their service with this ceremony.

The Jungle Skippers set the bar very high for the thousands of airmen who would follow in their foot steps.  From Duncan Field the 317th has circled the globe, to the South West Pacific, Japan, Germany, France, Ohio, North Carolina and back to Texas, where it all began.  Each successive generation of men and women of the 317th has met their challenge and made their own contributions to the long and distinguished history of the 317th and its squadrons.

This aircraft and plaque is a testament to those who serve their country and will remind future generations of 317th airmen of those who came before them.  It will help instill the values of honor, duty and service to country that is a legacy of the 317th.  I know all of you here today share my belief that preserving the 317th Airlift Group heritage is not only a responsibility, it is our tremendous privilege.  So Col. Ray, please accept this plaque as a gift from the veterans of the 317th to the men and women of Dyess Air Force Base.


(Jungle Skippers unveil the plaque.)

Col Ray’s acceptance remarks

MC: “And now, it is with great pride and pleasure we Rededicate the C-47 at Dyess Air Force Base’s Linear Air Park as the Jungle Skippers’ ‘CleoC.’  We ask that you look to the east for a flyover by a C-47 provided courtesy of the Dyess/Abilene Air Show.”

*Radio contact with the C-47 to coordinate the fly over as the presentation is over.

MC:     “This event would not be complete without remembering those who still serve at Freedom’s Gate.  As we have dedicated this aircraft to the heroes of the past, let us remember the heroes who continue to serve our nation and serve with their bodies and blood.  This memorial is not just a dedication to one generation, but a dedication to their convictions, values and ideals.  And it is those very same convictions, values and ideals that we fight for even now.  We would ask you to take a moment to remember these men and women, and especially the men and women of the 317 AG who are currently deployed in defense of America and us.”

             (Pause for a moment)

MC: “Ladies and Gentlemen this concludes our ceremony.  You are invited to stroll along the Dyess Linear Air Park for a few moments of comradeship and reflection.   Buses will depart for the 317 AG Maint/Ops building at 1045.  Please stand for the playing of the Air Force Song and the departure of the official party.”