This Year's Reunion was like no other, It was the 70th Anniversary of your 317th.

2012 Columbus, Georgia Reunion

Thurs. Oct.11th through Sunday Oct. 14th

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the 317th

Our 317th Veterans and the Ft. Benning Infantry Graduates at the National Infantry Museum


The coverage of our big event was unbelievable. Ft. Benning TV is suppose to air it on 10/28. Here is just some of the media coverage.
We got quite a bit of press and TV coverage of our 70th Anniversary of the 317th reunion. The Heritage Flight and Troop Drop was the most covered event . Here are the links:
US Army's Home page:
Ft. Benning's paper:
Columbus Ga Newspaper: 2 days of coverage
News Photos:!i=2151050434&k=cGX965J




Columbus, Georgia Area Links

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