Colonel Vincent BRETON


Since August 27th 2015, Colonel Vincent Breton is:

Commander of Evreux Air Force Base,

Commander of the Base of Defense of Evreux,

Military Commissioner for Eure county.


Colonel Breton was born in Auchel, France in 1968.  He joined the French Air Force and entered the Air Force Academy class of 1989 "Clement Ader". He graduated from the Academy with a bachelor of engineering degree. 


Colonel Vincent Breton is married and has 4 children



1993: C-160 Transall pilot, 3/61 Poitou Squadron, Orleans Air Base

1997: Airbus A 330 pilot, chief of the flight activities office, 03/60 Esterel squadron, Creil Air Base

2001: Chief of the programs office at the general plans and studies office at the French Air Force Headquarters, Paris.

2003: He joined the Defense Joint Staff College, "Instituto superior di stato maggiore interforze", Rome, Italy

2004: Deputy Commander then squadron leader of 03/60 Esterel squadron, Airbus A 310 and A 340

2008: Assistant of the chief of staff of French Air Force, Paris.

2011: Assigned at the Capacities Section of the French military representation at the European Union in Brussels.

2014: Auditor of the 64th session of the High Military Studies Center and  the 67th session of the Institute of the National Defence High Studies before joining the Britain High Command and Staff Course in England.


Flight Information

Command Pilot with more than 6400 flight hours mainly on Airbus A 310 and A 340


Main Awards and Decorations

Officer of the National Merit Medal

Chevalier of the Legion of Honor Medal

Military value cross

Aeronautic medal