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2002 Evreux Air Base Open House
May 10-12, 2002
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Visiting the Evreux Air Base Museum.
On the tour bus.


NCO Barracks

Aircraft on display at Base entrance.


Touring one of the aircraft hangers.
Mayor Debre of Evreux (center) hosted a reception at the Town Hall. Bill Lloyd, 317th V.G. President, (to left of the Mayor) and Evreux Air Base Commander, Col. Claude Baillet (the right of the Mayor). Evreux Open House coordinator, Patrice LeMao (Col. French Air Force retired) shows Senior 317th veteran Andrew (Beno) Young a C-160.
An aviation museum tour.
One of the plaques that was presented during the Open House by the 317th Veterans Group President, Bill Lloyd. Other plaques were presented to the Mayor of Evreux and to the Open House coordinator.
This is an aerial photo of Evreux Air Base taken on 27 June 1946. Bill Lloyd obtained this copy from the Evreux Air Base museum.
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